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  • PEAKS release two new singles

      Listen to ‘Don’t Think So’ – Soundcloud  Listen to ‘Holla’‘ – Soundcloud  PRODUCED by PEAKS themselves, the latest release from the trio is the single ‘Don’t Think So’, plus a bonus single titled ‘Holla’.   Justin Hunter is a musical chameleon, working across ambient music, Hip-Hop and dance. The Silent Titan (Thundamentals) is the king of downbeat Hip-Hop and 20-year-old Kearna brings soul to the trio with her golden voice.   […]


    Re-emerging from a hiatus earlier this year with the catchy pop dittie ‘Are We Flirting’, Abbe Mays follow up ‘Doomsday Clock’ unveils yet another side to her personality as she reveals yet another layer of her forthcoming album Bitchcraft and a national tour this November. The song contrasts a joyous Gospel choir (Featuring May, Joni […]

  • GONJASUFI releases ‘CALLUS’

    Warp artist, Gonjasufi’s brilliant new LP ‘CALLUS’ is out now worldwide. ‘CALLUS’  is the San Diego-born artist’s first full-length album since 2010’s ‘A Sufi and A Killer’, and one he describes as coming from ‘trying to find a way to channel all the fucked-up torment and pour it into the art”.    “An album that’s disorienting at its catchiest, harrowing at […]