Living in the 1980’s in Ireland certainly influenced Carosel’s music. Their upbeat happy pop music is their answer to a gloomy and confined country where the youth was bored stiff. From the hushed, toned down ‘I’m Sorry’ to the cheeky and somewhat assertive ‘Little Wolf’, it would be quite hard to encapsulate Carosel in one word! The common thread lies in their lively rhythms and melodies that linger in the mind, coupled with a warm and hauting voice. Think of Feist, Regina Spektor, Dionne Warwick or even Lily Allen (without the sarcasm!).

After their debut album, Kaleidoscope, was released in 2009 in Great Britain to critical acclaim and the UK/Ireland tour that ensued, Carosel moved to Paris “for inspiration, beauty and artistic vitality of the city”. And it worked: after releasing their EP ‘Star’ in early 2011 they begun working on their second album, due in 2012. In early 2012, the band successfully managed a crowdfunding campaign on French platform Oocto, raising 2500€ to mix select tracks for the upcoming album and to shoot a video for their first bilingual French-English song ‘Je Reviens’, as a tribute to the country that has welcomed them for the past two years.

Star (EP)

This EP was released in January 2011. This EP is an organised mishmash of genre; a blend of quirky, inspired cool that is far from cliché indie-pop.

“Michelle Phelan and Pete McGrane are a rare combination in the current Irish music scene. Not only do they eschew affected indie-posturing and sundry rock-star clichés, but their retro-eclectic approach to pop purity has created its own unique sense of cool”

– The Sunday Business Post (IRE)